Learn Food Names in Cantonese Chinese with Jyutping Pronunciation and Flashcards | Free Printables | Series 2

Learn Food Names In Cantonese Chinese 

(Series 2)

Welcome to this Cantonese lesson for food names! In this post, we will be learning some of the common food names in Cantonese and their English translations. Whether you're a beginner or already have some knowledge of Cantonese, this lesson is perfect for all who want to expand their vocabulary and develop their language skills. With the help of Jyutping pronunciations and memorable visuals, you'll be able to expand your Cantonese vocabularies and impress your friends and family!

Learn Food Names In Cantonese Chinese and Traditional Characters
Word List:

chicken, duck, turkey,
beef, pork, lamb, fish,
shrimp, crab, lobster,
eel, octopus, soybean,
tofu, peanut, almond,
pumpkin seed, cashew

Cantonese Chinese Pronunciations for Food Names

This video will walk you through each food name, helping you master the correct pronunciation using Jyutping. You'll explore the most commonly used food names and gain confidence as you listen, repeat, and practice with printable flashcards. With clear audio and visual aids, you'll quickly grasp the nuances of Cantonese tones and sounds.

0:06 - How to pronounce chicken in Cantonese Chinese?
0:16 - How to pronounce duck in Cantonese Chinese?
0:27 - How to pronounce turkey in Cantonese Chinese?
0:39 - How to pronounce beef in Cantonese Chinese?
0:51 - How to pronounce pork in Cantonese Chinese?
1:03 - How to pronounce lamb in Cantonese Chinese?
1:15 - How to pronounce fish in Cantonese Chinese?
1:27 - How to pronounce shrimp in Cantonese Chinese?
1:38 - How to pronounce crab in Cantonese Chinese?
1:50 - How to pronounce lobster in Cantonese Chinese?
2:02 - How to pronounce eel in Cantonese Chinese?
2:14 - How to pronounce octopus in Cantonese Chinese?
2:32 - How to pronounce soybean in Cantonese Chinese?
2:45 - How to pronounce tofu in Cantonese Chinese?
2:57 - How to pronounce peanut in Cantonese Chinese?
3:09 - How to pronounce almond in Cantonese Chinese?
3:21 - How to pronounce pumpkin seed in Cantonese Chinese?
3:35 - How to pronounce cashew in Cantonese Chinese?

Food Names Chinese Bilingual Flashcards With Jyutping 

Visual aids play a crucial role in capturing a one's attention and facilitating knowledge retention. It is helpful to use colorful flashcards that beautifully illustrate the commonly used food vocabularies. Each flashcard presents a new opportunity for you to visually connect with the vocabulary and its Cantonese name along with Jyutping to aid with pronunciation.

Cantonese Chinese bilingual learning bundle for Food Names English Cantonese flashcards with Jyutping Chinese English bilingual worksheets - Series 2
Printable Cantonese flashcards and learning activity worksheets for food names are available in our Food Names Cantonese Learning Bundle (Series 2). In addition to this learning bundle, FREE Chinese writing practice sheets and FREE Chinese character coloring pages for learning food names are also available. Continue reading to find out more! 

Free Chinese Writing Practice Sheets For Food Names

If you would like to master more than just character recognition, you can practice writing these words in Chinese characters. Writing practice sheets can be a helpful tool to learn how to write the characters stroke-by-stroke. These writing practice sheets are available in simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. Click here to download the FREE writing practice sheets for food names (Series 2)!

learn to write food names printable chinese writing practice sheets

Free Chinese Coloring Pages For Food Names

For younger learners who are not quite ready to write, coloring pages are a fun and engaging way to learn Chinese characters and can help reinforce vocabulary and reading skills. We are offering FREE Chinese character coloring pages for food names (Series 2), don't forget to check them out. These coloring pages are also available in traditional characters as well as simplified characters.

food names chinese coloring pages for young kids

By incorporating Jyutping pronunciation, visually captivating flashcards, and a variety of printable learning activities, language learning can be fun and engaging. Don't forget to explore our website for more Chinese bilingual printables. Happy learning, and enjoy the wonders of language together!

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